M-Tech Computer Services, LLC was created very recently in 2011.

First and foremost, the ideas behind the company are these:

'Computer repair companies charge too much'


'Most users can handle their computer problems themselves'

If you cut your finger, you find a bandage. If you break your leg, chances are you'll want to find a doctor right away. So go computers. There are times when you will need someone who specializes in computers to take care of you. Normally if you need some virus, spyware, malware help, you can purchase, download and install the necessary software by yourself. We may be able to help you through 1 or 2 simple emails - at no cost to you! One of our goals is to educate the many computer users out there so they don't have to spend so much money. At the same time, we can make our customers aware of a few things that can help them make informative decisions when thinking of upgrading or even purchasing a new computer. If an upgrade is needed, there are some things we can do over the phone or through an email. If you require a larger upgrade or experience a machine failure, we can pick up your machine, make the necessary changes and get you back to work quickly. We believe in honest pay for honest work. We'll let you know up front what our fee will be and remember...our goal is to get you to do what you can so you can keep more of your money.